Cosmic octave music video : Bass Duet of Neptune

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Cosmic octave music video : Bass Duet of Neptune .mp4 (Download Music Video) 343MB

The orbital period of Neptune is 60189 days.
Octave of this frequency is 211.44 Hz and 49.56 bpm

1/(60189*24*60*60)*2 to the 40th powe = 211.44 Hz
1/(60189*24*60)*2 to the 31st power = 49.56 bpm

I tuned my bass and synthesizer to this frequency, and played in 49.56 bpm, 5 beat bass duet.

Neptune symbolizes imagination, intuition, dream, meditation, music, and art.
I imaged such symbols of Neptune while playing this music and making this video.
I hope you enjoy this music and video.

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¥2,200 tax included