Cosmic octave music video : Pluto(Pluto.mp4)

Cosmic octave music video : Pluto .mp4 (Download Music Video) 324MB

Pluto's orbital period is 248 years (90487.27693 days).
Octave of this frequency is 140.64 Hz and 65.9 bpm

1/(90487.27693*24*60*60)*2 to the 40th power=140.64 Hz
1/(90487.27693*24*60)*2 to the 33rd power=65.9 bpm

I tuned my guitar, bass and synthesizer to this frequency, and played in 65.9 bpm.

And I made the video of my image of spiritual aspect of Pluto.
Pluto symbol meaning is "light and darkness", "life and death", "reincarnation"...

I expressed such symbol meaning by playing polyrhythm which goes different rhythm together like "light and darkness", "life and death"... I made the video like that too. Light and darkness appears repeatedly.

I played the Khartal (wooden percussion in Rajasthan, India)
4 beat by right hand, 3 beat by left hand together (4 x 3 polyrhythm),
and 3 beat by right hand, 2 beat by left hand together (3 x 2 polyrhythm) in 3 beat cycle.

I hope this music video helps to explore your inner mental world, and you enjoy that.

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