Full moon frequency and theta brain wave music

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The cycle of full moon to full moon is 29.530589 days. The octave of this frequency is A=210.42 Hz and 98.6 bpm. I tuned my synthesizer to 210.42 Hz at a tempo of 98.6 bpm.

Lower octave of this frequency is A=52.605 Hz, and B=59.04711351 Hz, there is 6.44211351 Hz of difference which correspond to theta brain wave.

I played A B A B ... on left channel and B A B A ,,, on right channel, so 6.44211351 Hz binaural beat is gonna be created in your head.

Please listen by speaker or headphone to be able to play around 50 Hz.
Otherwise, you can not hear the sound of theta wave.

Frequency of full moon effect to human body and theta wave is good for relax and focus. I hope my music and video help your life a little bit better :-)

I made this video with my image of the moon to go to deep spiritual journey to the inside of the moon by fractal patterns.

I hope you enjoy this music and video.

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¥2,200 tax included